Recreational Systems Europe - In partnership with RHENAC GreenTec AG - Innovative LED stadium grass grow lightning systems

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RHENAC LED Stadium grass grow lighting.

German horticulture specialist Rhenac GreenTec identified LED technology in an early stage already as an energy-saving alternative for conventional sodium vapour luminaires. LED technology is known for consuming only a fraction of the energy conventional sodium vapour luminaires require when attributing to the growth of natural products like vegetables and grasses. The technology has, however, an additional advantage,. It has a flexible approach to grass growth. Light plays a different role in every stage of the lifecycle grasses experience.

Firstly it has to help the seed to germinate. Once the grass starts to grow it requires continuous photosynthesis to become a strong and firm blade.

Scientific approach

The Rhenac GreenTec LED growing lighting system was researched extensively over the past three years. ‘The Bio centre of the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich, Germany , was one of the research partners we engaged. The Technical University of Munich is the second biggest university in Germany and prepares some 40.000 students for a future in the science industry. Corporates like Siemens, Osram or Daimler Chrysler, to name a few, draw knowledge extensively from this university, hence we decided to follow suit in our quest to develop the next generation stadium growing lighting system.’

RSE-Rhenac LED

Professor Dr. Jürgen Soll of the university describes the Rhenac GreenTec LED technology as follows: ‘the Led lighting systems of Rhenac GreenTec AG provide for the first time illumination scenarios for physiological investigations in research as well as for optimized yields in production. They produce the spectral composition of the light according to the requirements set by the plant they illuminate. Achieving a firm and dense grass pitch is a science by itself. Rhenac GreenTec has found the key to unlock the secret to a quality pitch and provides the necessary tools simultaneously.